How to Use Unsupported Graphics Card in After Effects

Unsupported Graphics Card in After Effects

How to Use Unsupported Graphics Card in After Effects


Hey guys, have you installed a new Nvidia Graphics Card and you are worried because its not supported by Adobe After Effects. When Adobe came out with Adobe After Effects CS6, they offered a new Ray Traced 3D Rendering Engine that would take advantage of the NVidia video card’s GPU and the CUDA cores for offering faster rendering of ray-traced 3D images.
While Adobe still offers the ray-traced 3D render engine in After Effects CC and CC 2014, they now consider this an obsolete feature and are no longer supporting it. Because they are no longer supporting the Ray Traced 3D Render Engine, the newer video cards will not work.

But don’t worry i am here to fix it out, I will solve this problem in few steps. Even me to faced this trouble a long time ago, just follow my steps and your Graphics Card will be supported by Adobe After Effects Software.

Enable You Graphics Card Support in After Effects

Step 1: First open a Command Prompt as Administrator in your computer by typing cmd in contra (Windows 10)  or RUN (Windows 7).

Step 2: Once you opened CMD you will see a line just like this “C:\Windows\system32>_

CMD as Administrator

Step 3: Type “cd\” and press enter then type “cd\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files” and hit enter. (Note: If you are using Adobe After Effects CS6, then type Adobe After Effects CS6 in the place of Adobe After Effects CC 2017. Hint: open My Computer>C drive>Program Files>Adobe you can find your software name there.)

cmd GPUsniffer

Click Image to Zoom

Step 4: Now in the above picture you can see there is my GPU Name appearing as GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Note: here will be your graphic card name). Just copy that name or note it in notepad and then there is no use of CMD anymore, Close it.

Step 5: Then Go to C drive>Program Files>Adobe After Effects CC 2017>Support Files and there open raytracer_supported_cards.txt

Step 6: Paste your Graphics Card Name in the last line just like the picture below, and save the changes.

enable raytracer support

Step 7: Now Open Adobe After Effects, Go to Edit>Preference>Preview then click on GPU Information and just like below dialog box select GPU as Ray-Tracing and Click OK.

Selecting GPU as Ray Tracing

Click Image to Zoom

Congratulation !! You have Successfully enabled support of an unsupported Nvidia Graphics Card. If you have any questions please left a comment below. If You Like to Learn how to make awesome logo intros please visit Flimlion VisualFX YouTube Channel. Thanks for reading our article Unsupported Graphics Card in After Effects , Have a Nice day 🙂

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